ShredReel AMA with Pro-Skier Austin Porzak
ShredReel caught up with Austin Porzak (@ski14ers) at the very beginning of his epic journey to ski the 50 highest peaks of Rocky Mountain National Park in a single season. Fueled by passion and inspired by following in his father, Glenn Porzak’s historic mountaineering footsteps, we are looking forward to following this journey. The project website is and truly is going to be a remarkable feat. Austin’s insatiable appetite for the sport and indomitable spirit of adventure truly encompasses the ShredReel mentality. We are fully behind you Austin!

Get Involved in the Fight Against Climate Change with Protect Our Winters
It’s hard to deny that climate change is affecting every aspect of the environment. From prolonged drought conditions to powerful super-storms all over the world. That is why we want to introduce you to Protect Our Winters (POW), a global organization aimed at uniting the snowsports community to fight climate change through education, advocacy, and activism. POW was founded by pro-snowboarder, Jeremy Jones, in 2007 and has rounded up a supporting cast of top skiers and snowboarders.